Rewind and Summarize

It was amazing! Everything went perfect. The hotel was beautiful and what a joy it was to have the entire place full of our favorite friends and loving families. The ceremony was sweet and intimate. Hurricane Wilma was forming in the distance so instead of being married to a famous West End sunset, we said our vows to the backdrop of gathering clouds. Truly dramatic and truly fitting for a wedding of such love. We both felt so embraced by our guests the entire time…

No one complained about a thing – and the travel agent in me was certainly listening. Even the weather didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. The frequent storms made for such amazing horizons.

Of course, because Wilma did come barreling full force to Florida a few days after we returned from Jamaica, the wedding planning stress was quickly replaced by natural disaster stress. Hurricane Wilma hit October 22 and knocked out all power. I was frantic because I couldn’t touch base with my clients. Without electricity, I had to drive 30 minutes to an hour to get to an open internet cafe. The drive was only possible after waiting over an hour in line for gasoline. (Our generator was the best wedding gift EVER!) From October 22 to November 4 I was a stress case and I think my husband was having complete buyer’s remorse after seeing me in such a state. However, on November 4, we did depart on our almost-cancelled honeymoon to Thailand. I left all my worries in Florida and had a great two weeks in Asia. (Again, enough content there for an entire other blog.)

So now I am home and settling in to married life and loving it! I am sure more important tid-bits of destination wedding info will pop into my mind in the coming months. As they do, I will certainly continue to share them with you.

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