Last Post As A Single Gal

Well, this is it! We leave for Jamaica tomorrow. I have spent the last 3 weeks busy as a bee with last minute shopping and planning, a few menu changes, a slight tiff with my father over what he wanted to wear to walk me down the isle… (Enough content for an entire new blog.) and the threat of two too many tropical storms. I haven’t allowed myself to view the forecast for next week because there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it. The weather remians the one thing I can’t control and so it remains the one thing I am not going to fret over. Plus, I know enough of my guests are checking on the regular and will fill me in anyway.

Our bags are packed, mail on hold, doggy at the kennel, flight times reconfirmed, hotel reservation double-checked, clients dealt with… I really think I have thought of it all. What a great feeling! Now, if only this calm feeling of serenity will last for the next week.

Throughout this process, I have been given so much advice but, there is one sentiment all my married friends seem to share – they say “Remember that this is your day, keep it yours for the two of you to share with each other, let the guests take care of themselves…”

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