Save The Date

We finally decided on the ceremony date of October 15, 2005. We were really hoping for November, since the chances of a hurricane are drastically less. But we waited too long and when we told the Rockhouse we were ready to set the exact date, they informed us that every weekend from October 1 to Christmas was booked with a wedding, except for the 15th. Much of my appeal to the Rockhouse was that they only book one wedding a week, even with all the recent press. (They have recently been featured in Vogue, Conde Nast, Caribbean Travel & Life, among others…)

Now that we have the date confirmed, we can begin the serious planning.

We started by sending out a “Save the Date” card to everyone on our invitation list. This generated some buzz and allowed everyone to look at their work schedules and give vacation notice far in advance.

For many of my clients, I have requested postcards from the hotel or the island and they have used these as the Save the Date. Because we have a guestlist of over 200, this was not an option and I decided on a traditional Save the Date card.

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