The Food

We have spent weeks going over the menus at the Rockhouse and have decided on our meal plan. We will do a buffet. Personally, I prefer this to a plated sit down affair when working with smaller hotels. I just do not trust a small hotel to be able to keep 100 plates hot and presentable, especially with a multi-course meal. I have visited Jamaica many times while attending conventions. Each time the convention was held at a large resort and the plated meals were all fabulous – my decision here has nothing to do on this being a destination wedding – but simply the size of the Rockhouse kitchen and the fact that we are expecting around 100 people.

Plus, a buffet is a good choice for our event because we are not staying at an all-inclusive hotel and it will give our guests the opportunity to try some foods they might not order off of an a la carte menu. We are going with a strictly Jamaican meal – something to please every palate.

We debated doing appetizer because off the added cost, but find it necessary to keep the guests busy while we take pictures.

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