Get Married at Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider having your Caribbean Destination Wedding at Paradisus Palma Real.

1. The hotel is home to Gabi Beach Club – think Nikki Beach Club but waaayyy more laid back. Same chill music and groovy food & bev:

2. The pool is HUGE, there’s room for you and all your friends:

3. The Spa is one of the best of any all-inclusive hotel:

4. The food is pretty awesome:

5. And back to the beach… the quintessential Caribbean beach with plenty of shade or sun! 

This hotel is one of our top wedding hotels. I was just here in December – read more about my visit here

Want more info? Contact us! I’d love to speak with you to see if Paradisus Palma Real is a good fit for your Destination Wedding.


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