Simple + Elegant

I love Brothers & Sisters on ABC. Sally Field had me at hello and it doesn’t hurt that she reminds me very much of my mother so this show is comfort food in my house. I swoon over the opening shot of the large tree strung with lights in the Walker family backyard. (I couldn’t find the exact image – but this one from Martha Stewart is close enough.) Every week when that image appears on the screen, I think of weddings and then my business… and so on. What I am always left with is why do most Caribbean Weddings seem to go a bit overboard on the beach theme? There is no written rule that you too have to fall into this trap. It is perfectly ok to say no to the hot glue gun and miniature sea shells and go unique. Collect baby food jars from your friends, carry down some fishing wire and white votives, and hire the hotel groundskeeper to help with the set-up. Order a stash of paper garlands and hang them between a few palm trees and watch as they dance in the sea breeze. What I am trying to say, is it is perfectly ok to let nature be the theme and YOU create your own design. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The very day after I wrote this post, I received a fantastic portfolio of a Jamaican Wedding featuring the exact look I’ve been dreaming about… stay tuned for more on lovely little hanging lanterns!

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