Destination Wedding Photographer

As any bride will attest to, once the wedding itself has passed, it is all about the pictures. Having a client that is restaging her Destination Wedding in January only supports the theory that great pictures can make or break a bride’s assessment of her special day. If you end up with sub-par photos, it can be heartbreaking. With Destination Weddings in the islands, not only is photo quality a concern, but if you are relying on a local photographer, anything can happen. My clients have experienced photographers that didn’t show up, photographers that admitted this was only the 2nd or 3rd wedding they ever worked, and more sob stories. The alternative to using a local photographer is to bring in your own. While this can prove costly, it is certainly the safest bet. Glen Johnson, of Aperture Photography in Eugene, Oregon is currently one of the most sought after Destination Wedding photographers. I was introduced to Glen through a client that married at the Half Moon Resort, Jamaica in June of this year. His work is stunning and his ability to go on location in the islands is just as amazing!

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  1. Glen

    Thanks for the compliments Laura.I too have heard many horror stories about photographers in other countries. I actually leave the US a full day earlier that I need to in order to account for travel glitches. The closest I’ve come to missing a wedding so far was one in the Dominican Republic with a canceled flight and 4 hour drive on rough roads with no road signs. My extra day got me there just 30 minutes before the bride was to get dressed.Glen

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