Get Married at Four Seasons Nevis

Welcome to the Island of Nevis…the Caribbean Island that is unique all to its own! With it’s South Pacific feel and lush vegetation this tropical paradise is known for the sugary white beaches and colonial harbor towns.

On this unspoiled island sits the luxurious Four Seasons Resort. This soulful haven is modern yet charming and a beautiful setting for your destination wedding. With stunning event spaces and attention to detail, your wedding event will be a dream come true.

The grandeur of the Nevis Peak and all its majestic beauty is a magical setting to dance the night away. The Resort has taken your stress away with laid out packages that can be customized to fit you and your fiancé. From authentic cuisine, floral designs, and natural surroundings your wedding will be a spectacular event that will last you a lifetime of memories. Let yourself relax and enjoy the day while your wedding coordinator takes care of the rest.

Reach out today so we can start booking that breathtaking wedding of yours.

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