Top 5 Reasons to Get Married at a Sandals Resort


1. No Packages – Sure, wedding packages can take some of the guesswork out of your big day, but Sandals Resorts have decided to replace the package with your very own wedding planner. This way, you can work together to make sure your specially-designed wedding package includes every detail or your dream wedding and nothing else.

2. Free Wedding – Three nights at a Sandals Resort gets you a free wedding! This means that for the price of three nights, you will get a ceremony venue, flowers, a cocktail reception and a wedding cake. With all the money you save on the ceremony, you could put some extra cash towards adding flare to your big day. And as stated above, you’ll have your own wedding planner, so the possibilities for flare to be added are truly endless.

3.  More People, More Perks – There really is no limit to how many guests you can bring with you to a Sandals wedding. And the more you bring, the more Sandals will give you. For example, if you book 5 to 11 rooms for your guests, Sandals will throw in a beautiful bamboo structure for the ceremony, a wedding video trailer, a room upgrade and a bridal shower!

4. The Venue Options – We’re pretty sure you’ll be convinced the second you take a look at Sandals Resorts venue options. From the over-the-water chapel that literally lets you glide over the ocean on a glass floor as you make your way down the aisle, to the oceanfront gazebo, there is no shortage of absolute beauty at Sandals Resorts.

5. Islands Galore – Have a favorite Caribbean Beach? No problem, Sandals probably has a resort on it. Sandals has 16 resorts on the most glorious of the Caribbean Islands, including Jamaica, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas and Barbados.


Now, you don’t need any more convincing than that, do you? Contact us today so we can begin putting together your perfect wedding at Sandals Resorts!

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