5 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

1. It’s like a wedding-plus: If you decide to go with a destination wedding, especially if you chose to say “I do” on one of the Caribbean’s gorgeous beaches, your guests are not just attending your wedding, they’re getting a mini vacation out of it. A Caribbean destination wedding will give you and your loved ones the chance to indulge in sun, surf and sea all in the name of you and your soon-to-be spouse.

2. It makes wedding photography much easier: You won’t need to set up the perfect photo when your entire ceremony and reception is already complete with a flawless backdrop. Even though many of the resorts we feature here do offer decorations as part of most wedding packages, you could go completely decoration-free and still have the picture-perfect wedding album.

3. It’s an opportunity to cut that guest list: It’s perfectly acceptable to not want your second cousins, twice removed, who you haven’t seen since 1997 at your wedding, and a destination wedding gives you the perfect excuse to keep that guest list tight. While there are plenty of Caribbean resorts that do offer large party spaces for 100 or more guests if that’s your prerogative, just about every resort on the islands offers the small wedding option, that will give you and your closest loved ones an unforgettably intimate experience.

4. It’s a package deal: planning every little detail of a wedding gets very exhausting, very quickly. And hiring a wedding planner gets very costly. Most resorts in the Caribbean, fortunately, have realized this, and provide your very own wedding planner to take care of everything from the cake to the decor to having your dress steamed before the big day. You essentially get to let someone else take the reigns and still experience an island beach dream wedding.

5. The whole thing is a honeymoon: Getting to your destination may be costlier than your typical limo to the church in your hometown (even though certain resorts do let brides fly to the Caribbean for free), but once you get there, you’re already honeymooning! You will be on an exceptionally romantic vacation before your nuptials even get underway. And because many of the Caribbean vacation packages are extremely affordable (especially if the guest list is kept on the low-side), you may even be able to hop on a plane and take a second honeymoon somewhere else with all that money you’ve saved.

Did we convince you yet? If you are ready to get started with your planning or need a few more reasons, our team is ready to help. // weddings at caribbeanjourney.com //

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