Photographer Spotlight – Wedding Day Story

When our own owner + founder of Caribbean Journey Weddings hired wedding Day Story to capture her very own special vacation with close family and friends in Tulum, Mexico I knew I couldn’t wait to interview them for our Blog! Well, I’m very excited to introduce you to Wedding Day Story, drum roll, please!

6 - WeddingDayStory Photography Mexico & Costa Rica

01// What made you want to photograph weddings? WeddingDayStory was born, originally, as the wedding photography branch of Photoventura, a touristic photography company based out of the Mexican Caribbean, Costa Rica & Dominican Republic. We are a team of photography professionals in love with the sun, the sand and the sea, and shooting weddings in this natural and gorgeous environment is our passion. Weddings are one of the few photography occasions that constantly force us to push our skills to the next level, creatively speaking. There’s nothing we enjoy more than crafting fun and unique experiences with our couples. We believe that great wedding photographers know how to be prepared, so they can get lucky when a once-in-a-lifetime moments occurs…. and we’ve learned that this amazing skill isn’t even the most important piece of the puzzle. The most important skill our family of photographers all share is knowing how to watch, listen and connect with our WeddingDayStory Brides and Grooms. We know our “job” is helping them celebrate the simple romance of their relationship. 

5 - WeddingDayStory Photography Mexico & Costa Rica

02// Catering to weddings in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, are you a native to one of these island destinations? Our team consists of a mix of cultures, and we are all proudly expatriated and have adopted the caribbean as our home. Most of the members of our WeddingDayStory family are from Italy, Mexico and Argentina. 

03// What does Wedding Day Story offer Destination Brides that other wedding photographers might not? We have dedicated Wedding Day Specialists who help WeddingDayStory Brides trough every aspect of their planning, if needed. They can count on us for everything from restaurant recommendations, fun tour and excursion ideas, decoration, make up and hair tips… and -practically- anything else! We also assure that all images will be professionally color corrected and edited before being presented to the couple, regardless of the package they book originally, and we make them available trough a private, online viewing link, which they can share with their guests and families. Oh, and we are also partnered with a US-based photography lab, trough which we send all of our prints, albums and canvases… and we offer free canvas wall design, too.

4 - WeddingDayStory Photography Mexico & Costa Rica

04// What is your most favorite off – property location in the islands you service for a wedding ceremony? Island weddings are amazing, but our favorite location within the Riviera Maya are the Azul Fives and Palladium resorts, their staff is simply amazing! Plus, the Palladium has a great gazebo near the sea. 

05// Many brides are looking for wedding photographers who think out of the box and avoid cookie cutter wedding concepts. What is the most unique request Wedding Day Story has conceived? We love the uniqueness of our couples! Over Halloween in Mexico, we had a couple theme their whole ceremony with “Day of the dead” decorations, such as a “Till Death Do Us Part” cake topper, skulls and pumpkins! Also, another couple themed their wedding in Star Wars / Marvel SuperHero fashion, with the cake toppers being Darth Vader and Storm (from X Men). 

 Wedding Day Story’s motto is “We Celebrate The Simple Romance Of Weddings In The Sun”. With breathtaking backdrops of the islands of Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic + a little salt, the sea, and sand between your toes, Wedding Day Story photographs will take your breath away! If one of these destinations are the perfect match for your destination wedding, our wedding travel consultants are happy to help! To connect with Wedding Day Story please visit their beautiful website Wedding Day Story  + follow them on Instagram.

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