Photographer Spotlight – Amanda Temple



I was inspired to share more about getting married in BERMUDA after stumbling upon this wedding from the incredibly talented, Bermuda-based, fine art photographer, Amanda Temple. Amanda’s photography is stunning and I wanted to know more about her. Meet Amanda…

01// How did you end up living on the splendid island of Bermuda?

My father came to Bermuda in 1962 to start The Bristol Cellar, a wine merchant. He met my mother while skiing in Switzerland and they have lived here ever since. So I was very lucky to have been born in Bermuda.


02// What is your favorite thing about living on an island?

For the last two years, I have been living in a lovely cottage by the sea. I spend countless hours mesmerized by my stunning view of the South Shore. I actually started a separate instagram account @seabermudasky as a journal of the ever-changing canvas.

03// What does Bermuda offer destination brides that other locations might not?

Bermuda has a certain elegance; the tiny winding roads are lined with wonderfully overgrown, blooming bushes, one can find hidden beaches that are empty and the East Coast is but a couple hours away. As I started my career shooting film, I have always endeavored to create soft, romantic, timeless imagery; Bermuda provides the perfect backdrop.


04// What is the most unique photo request a wedding couple has ever asked you?

A few couples have requested trash the dress sessions, and inevitably they end up in the sea. But by far the strangest request was from my friend, Alexandra Mosher. I was the maid of honour for her May wedding and did much of the photography too. She asked if I could photograph her on a unicorn. So I did…


05// Most hotels on the island offer fabulous wedding locations, but what is your favorite off-property location for a destination wedding?

The Unfinished Church in St Georges is stunning. There is no roof, the carpet is grass, the windows have palm trees peeking through and the walls are a combination of silvery Bermuda limestone and antique brick. Stonehole Bay is also beautiful. It is a tiny cove with incredible pink sand and enclosed by weathered rock.

Thank you, Amanda!


Amanda’s portfolio is wide and varied and will take your breath away. For more information please contact Amanda directly on her website.

Take a fresh approach to wedding planning and start with a theme. The Tourist Board of Bermuda has listed a few neat options here. From Eco-Chic to an exotic cave location, there are a multitude of options for designing your Bermuda Wedding.

This Bermuda Wedding Planner Guide has all the facts plus a little fun.

So why not get married in Bermuda? If you’d like to explore if BERMUDA is the perfect match for your destination wedding, our wedding travel consultants are happy to help. SAY HI today!

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