Turn Your Wedding Instagrams into Magnets

If you are like most of the world these days, you take amazing photos with your phone and enjoy sharing them on social media channels. But then what? Most of us end up with thousands of photos on our phones and aren’t exactly sure the best way to preserve them. I’m not a fan of filing my photos away in online albums where they sit and collect cyber dust. I prefer to look at my favorite photos often. I want to savor and appreciate those special moments in life when everything felt perfect. It’s motivating.



[Mine just came in the mail and I love them! I’ll be ordering another batch of travel photo magnets as soon as I return from Grand Cayman in a  few weeks.]


For years, we’ve printed photo books for our house – in all sizes. But now we have dozens of those and well, they too are starting to collect dust. So how happy was I to find Sticky9Sticky9 turns your Instagram photos into adorable magnets with just a few clicks.

I LOVE the idea of using Sticky9 to capture the magical moments of your destination wedding. Surely your guests will be snapping away and catching angles of the event that would be missed by even the best photographer. Why not give your guests a gift certificate to Sticky9 in their Destination Wedding Welcome Bags? Include a few lines about the service on your welcome letter, asking your guests to order 2 sheets of magnets – one to keep and one to share with you. Remember the disposable camera trend at weddings? Welcome to 2014!

The price is totally right – starting at $14.99 for a sheet of 9. I’m making this price even better by offering you a promo code for 15% off. Simply enter CARIBBEANJOURNEY on Sticky 9’s site at check-out to save.


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