Beach Ready Skin for Your Wedding Day

 We recently returned from Spring Break at Rosemary Beach, Florida – it was fabulous! The best part was shedding the layers of clothing that I’ve been buried in since November thanks to Atlanta’s uncharacteristically brutal winter. Doing so motivated me to start my spring/summer skin routine. I’m sharing it with you because I’m a product junkie and want to scream from the rooftops how amazing these specific products make me feel. After a few uses, your skin be in prime condition for your beach wedding





Exfoliate + Cleanse + Moisturize 

I start with either a dry brush session before getting in the shower, or use the Lush body scrub. Then a moisturizing soap that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Towel dry and spray a dry oil all over and allow to air dry. You will feel amazing and your skin will glow.

01/ LUSH OCEAN SALT BODY SCRUB – luxurious mix of coconut oil, sea salt, & essential oils.

02/ KAI BODY GLOW DRY OIL SPRAY – an intoxicating aroma of fresh gardenias & made without parabens, sulfates, phthalate & phosphate.

03/ MARIGOLD + GRAPEFRUIT COCOA BUTTER SOAP – with cocoa butter added to an olive oil base, this soap is extremely moisturizing. I also love the shea butter soaps from my local farmer’s market.

04/ THE BODY SHOP ROUND BODY BRUSH – have you heard of dry brushing? It is the single most effective way to freshen dry, dull winter skin and supposedly has other health benefits too such as improving circulation.

05/ CAUDALIE DIVINE GRAPESEED OIL – I can’t get enough of this luxurious oil. I use it on my body, face, and hair and it is truly divine.


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