Get Married at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic

Casa de Campo, located on the South Coast of the Dominican Republic, is one of the Caribbean’s most refined resorts. The resort is one of the top 5 “old world” style resorts in the region. The property features hotel suites and private villas all with access to full resort amenities. Serviced by 3 international airports, it is an excellent location choice for a Destination Wedding.


Exchange vows on a cliff side, overlooking a river and the Caribbean Sea, gown billowing softly in the island breeze. Or, share your first kiss on a beach with waves crashing on an ivory shoreline. Then find yourself surrounded by the flicker of candlelight against the stone walls of a Mediterranean amphitheatre inspired by the 16th century. A toast is made. Guests applaud. The festive sounds of a live guitar trio fill the air.


Popular for every other reason imaginable, Casa de Campo is also a great fit for any brides interested in having a destination wedding ceremony in a church – there is a beautiful one on property.


If you are considering a Destination Wedding, we’d love to help! Say Hi and share your plans with us today.

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