The PERFECT Gift this Holiday Season

Ever since someone proclaimed “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – diamonds have always been a safe bet for any occasion. This holiday, make an even safer choice by Leaving Nothing to Chance

ofwaeYj7TCF4sfjFQqK8P-RgRJWXT7wtWqnslpcy8vg-1Follow this link, answer 5 fun lifestyle questions, connect to Facebook, and the results will show your jewelry personality and provide product recommendations you may share on social media. In other words, it lets you drop a hint or two in a fresh new modern way! The cool thing is, you may create an infographic for anyone else too! Bridemaids, Mom, Sister, or Friend…   get started now because by sharing your infographic, you will be entered to win a 3 carat diamond tennis bracelet worth $4500.

This incredible idea is brought to you by Blue Nile Jewelry. Blue Nile is offering readers 10% off all purchases through December 31, 2013. Use the code BNAPP2013. Enjoy & stay tuned for a giveaway on Friday!

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