Get Married at the Buccaneer in St. Croix, USVI

The Buccaneer Resort on St. Croix is one of the Caribbean’s finest resorts. Family owned & operated and a quiet mix of old world charm and pristine sea views. 
It is the PERFECT option for a Caribbean Destination Wedding
Wedding packages at the Buccaneer Hotel start at just $1350.
What I like most about the Buccaneer are the many different ceremony & reception locations. While the beach is amazing – the grounds offer plenty of other private corners of celebration.
The Buccaneer recently added a private luxury villa to their collection – The Beach House at Whistle Point. The Beach House would be perfect to house the bride & her family, allowing her to have plenty of space to prepare for her wedding. The rest of the guests will be comfortably accommodated in the main hotel. 
Would you like to explore The Buccaneer Hotel for your destination wedding? If so, drop us a line


3 Responses to “Get Married at the Buccaneer in St. Croix, USVI”

  1. Beacab Gems Inc.

    What a wedding party! So lucky couples. Brides gown is really pretty. Why did she forgot to wear necklace. He (groom) should buy a beautyful diamond and sapphire beads necklace and gift her. Is it?

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