Try a Tequila Station

Looking to put a unique spin on your Destination Wedding Cocktail Hour in Mexico? Skip tradition and set up a Tequila Bar!  It will create a great conversation piece for your guests as they mingle and linger around the table investigating the different Tequila options… 

{photo spotted here}

It is becoming more difficult for add a unique spin to Destination Weddings as hotels scramble to stay on trend and flood the market with customizable options for every aspect of the event. Even hotels such as Sandals Resorts are offering highly customizable weddings now! Something as simple as a Tequila Bar instead of the normal cocktail bar will be an unexpected surprise for your guests!


7 Responses to “Try a Tequila Station”

  1. Alice @ caribbean vacations

    A great holiday vacation and the best idea to plan your Big day here in this idea would be really a great idea and much interesting with such beautiful beaches and the blue waters surrounding….

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