Plan Your Wedding at a Luxury Villa in Anguilla

Perhaps we’ve found perfection?

Ani Villas are truly amazing. We’ve traveled all over Anguilla and agree that this estate features some of the most stunning architecture on the island. The well appointed rooms offer just enough of a wow factor to not overpower the beauty of the natural surroundings… the cliffs, the sea… the sand and gardens. 

Low Season rates at Ani are $30,000 for a week for use of 5 bedrooms and $51,000/week for use of 10 bedrooms. At double occupancy 5 bedroom reservation would come to $3000/per person and a 10 bedroom reservation only $2550/per person. 

The pricing is comparable to any of the Caribbeans leading hotels. If you considering a luxury venue for your Destination Wedding, Ani Villas is PERFECT! Any golfers on your guest list? Ani is currently offering 4 free round of golf per day, inclusive of all fees.

Ani is fully staffed and the rate includes all beverages – alcoholic & non, full breakfast, and private sea shuttle transfer from the airport in St. Martin. {How do you get to Anguilla?  American Airlines flies into Anguilla – but the best pricing and most convenient flight times are usually found when booking an international flight into St. Martin and taking a small plane transfer or sea shuttle to Anguilla.}

For more information on Ani Villas, or to get started planning your own Destination Wedding in Anguilla – please contact us ~


4 Responses to “Plan Your Wedding at a Luxury Villa in Anguilla”

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    The best way to save time and effort is to hire a wedding planner.There are some's who also offer packages.

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    Wedding planning and preparations is a very tedious task any bride to be could have and one of the great ways to indulge is to have a luxurious and romantic honeymoons. Anguilla is an island in the Caribbean Sea, located to the east of Puerto Rico and beaches while you enjoy your freedom and luxury in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks….

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