Get Married in Belize ~ Victoria House

We are currently with a bride & groom who have selected Belize for the Destination Wedding location. Belize was appealing to them because it has such a low-key vibe and off-the-beaten path atmosphere. One of the top choices for Destination Weddings in Belize is the Victoria House. 

The Victoria House wedding package includes the following items:

  • License and minister’s fee
  • Small cake (serves 2-4 people)
  • Island bridal bouquet
  • Boutonniere
  • Basic floral arrangements
The cost is $1,150 USD plus tax; this is additional to the room charges.
The Victoria House limits the size of wedding groups to no more then 20 guests during high season and 30 guests during low season. Additional requirements include all guests must stay at Victoria House for a minimum number of nights depending on the season.  Weddings are not available during peak season dates.

Flights to Belize are often more expensive that we like to see, but lately we have been able to secure cheap tickets for many of our Belize clients.

Contact the Destination Wedding Agents at Caribbean Journey to start planning your Belize Wedding

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  1. Mac

    Hi,Belize is also the host to many destination weddings that take place on the Beaches, resorts and caves. Most hotels will help with your arrangements, including securing a minister or officer of the court to perform the ceremony. Getting married in Belize requires that you both get your necessary documentation all together prior to applying for a marriage license. Thank you…Belize hotels

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