Meet the dreamy new wedding supplies from B H L D N

Not only have they jumped full force into the wedding dress arena, but BHLDN, the Anthropologie party inspired spin-off, now has a store full of pretty party supplies. What I love most, is that the majority of items offered are light weight enough to be a realistic addition for a Destination Wedding. The neutral colors would add just enough style to your event without taking away from the eye-poping blues and greens found naturally in the tropics:

Imagine how amazing these would look spinning in the sea breeze?

These crinkle fans would serve a dual purpose of fending off the tropical heat but also being a stylish photo prop:


The perfect shades:

Browse the full collection here


3 Responses to “Meet the dreamy new wedding supplies from B H L D N”

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  2. Wedding Supplies

    Weddings takes a great deal of planning and is very elegant. The decorative items you have presented looks really beautiful and will surely enhance the wedding. Decorating with these items will give the wedding party a simple and unique look. Thanks a lot.

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