How to Secure Group Airfare Rates for your Wedding

During our process of helping a bride and groom plan their Destination Wedding, we are always asked,  “How does one go about securing a group discount on airline tickets for wedding guests?” Most couples are frustrated with our answer… there simply isn’t a solid source for group flight discounts anymore. In today’s culture, our families are more spread out and many weddings are attended by guests living in multiple cities across the country and even the world. Standard airfare group discounts apply when 10 or more passengers are flying on the same airline – from the same city – on the same date and time. Despite our best planning efforts, rarely do 10 guests travel together and therefore any benefit of a group discount is lost.

One solution we have found, is from American Airlines. If you follow this link, you will come to American’s Wedding Travel Page. Look mid-page and you will see the option to request a group code for wedding travel. If you complete this form, a representative from AA will contact you with a group discount code of around 5% that couples may offer their guests who chose to fly American. The primary qualification is that you must have 10 or more guests traveling – but they can originate from any city served by American! The feedback from past clients is that this discount of 5% often isn’t a huge savings, but it does let your guests know that you made every effort to provide them with the best possible travel options for attending your destination wedding.


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