St. Lucia – Jade Mountain Weddings

This is your backdrop. Add bride + groom, and that’s really all you need for one of the most amazing weddings in the world.

This week, I’m working with a bride on her wedding dream to marry at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia. Jade Mountain is a small, exclusive resort with award-winning architecture and some of the most dramatic views in the Caribbean. I’ve been extremely impressed with the swiftness of the hotel’s replies to our wedding planning questions. They’ve helped to make the planning process easier and it is much appreciated.

Jade Mountain is a “resort within a resort” located on property at Anse Chastanet on St. Lucia’s southwest coast. The benefits of the “resort within a resort” concept are many. The bride and groom may choose to stay at Jade and their guests may stay at the less costly Anse Chastanet and still attend the wedding events. It also solves a common problem we find with smaller resorts. A smaller resort often only as 1, maybe 2, dining establishments.  Guests at Jade have dinning access to all of Anse Chastanet’s many restaurants. This also extends the lists of reception location options for wedding guests at Jade. 


The wedding packages start at $995. If you’d like to consider Jade Mountain or Anse Chastanet for your Caribbean Destination Wedding, please contact us


4 Responses to “St. Lucia – Jade Mountain Weddings”

  1. ann wedding favors

    I was really struck when I saw the first picture. I do not know what to feel if I'm on the highest place and I can see the scenery. It's taking my breath away…

  2. Don

    Destination weddings are nothing short of magical. Our studio specializes in destination weddings for that reason. Your photos are breath taking and the event is very memorable.

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