Trash the Dress – South Coast, Antigua

Meet Vanessa Hall… don’t you love her story and want to know more? I do! Maybe she’ll pen a little memoir when she gets a few more adventures behind her. From October to June, you can likely find Vanessa on the island of Antigua offering up her talented views-through-a-lens on Destination Weddings and Trash the Dress sessions.

See more from this trash the dress session here. Keep Vanessa Hall in mind for your wedding photography needs in Antigua & the Caribbean!


7 Responses to “Trash the Dress – South Coast, Antigua”

  1. Lincon

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  2. Lincon

    Wow….I really appreciate this photography. I love One Lovely Day. It always has such gorgeous photos.. It is actually a pretty and romantic process.It is nice way for enjoy n express to our feelings on islands.Really I like it and I think that every wedding couple likes it also.This is fabulous……South Coast NSW hotels

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