Get Married at El Dorado Maroma

The El Dorado Maroma is one of the Riviera Maya’s most desired resorts. The sand here is the coolest around. It is made of fine coral and so it does not get hot like most beaches. The hotel also has this rustic over-water gazebo complex. It is primarily used for the spa’s Sky Massage service but it popular with brides what want a somewhat unique ceremony location:

If you prefer a Catholic ceremony or want to walk down the aisle of a chapel, there is one on property: 

After your ceremony move back to the coolness of the beach for a lovely reception! 

Check out the rest of my photos from the El Dorado Maroma
The Cancun area remains a top choice for Destination Weddings because it is so easy to find cheap tickets on most major airlines! We typically find flights in the $400 and under range from every major US city. 

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