Guest Post: Finding Wedding Rings You’ll Love Forever

Hi Readers! Enjoy this guest post from Pammy Rosen at My Jewlrey Box about selecting the perfect wedding ring! I’ll be back in a few days… Cheers, Laura

There are many decisions to be made when getting married and once you’ve found the right person, your next step is choosing the right wedding ring. Wedding bands are a husband and wife’s symbol of love and commitment. If all goes well, the rings you are wearing today will be the rings you will be wearing the rest of your lives. That’s why it is so important to choose something that you love, that is timeless, and will not seem dated in the years to come.

Many couples choose rings that are an exact match, but this is a tradition that you can choose to overlook. It’s important to find rings that suit your style and personality; that mean something sacred and special to you. Irish Cladaugh rings are one example of distinctive rings that have been making a huge comeback. For those who like interesting shapes, knots and designs, Cladaugh rings can be a nice wedding ring alternative.

If you’re having trouble deciding between something traditional and something you find a little different, interesting and unique, there’s no reason to sacrifice your preferences for tradition’s sake. However, if you are more traditional in your likes, there are always ways to tweak your options and find bands that are similar but not exactly the same. For example, if you like white gold and your spouse prefers yellow gold, you might find rings that have the same design but made of the type of gold each of you prefer.

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