Does Your Honeymoon Hotel offer a Honeymoon Package?

Many hotels offer a range of honeymoon packages available to add on to your trip. Some off complimentary packages and others offer more comprehensive packages, with more inclusions, at a set price. It is important to check with your hotel or your Caribbean travel consultant and inquire what proof, if any, you will be required to show to receive the honeymoon perks. Usually, a copy of your marriage license is all that is required. Since most of us depart on our honeymoon without having received the official license back, it is important to add a copy of the application to your travel document file and carry along.
Last week, I had a bride host a Destination Wedding at a resort on one end of an island and honeymoon at another resort a few hours away. She had sent all of her legal paperwork back to the states with her mother, forgetting that she might need to prove her wedding date at the honeymoon hotel. If I had remembered to tell her this tip prior to her wedding, I would have saved her mother a few hours of trying to track the important document down.

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