How to Dress Your Man on Your Wedding Day

I love this photo of my husband on our wedding day at the Rockhouse Hotel. He was partially dressed and sat down to have a cold drink, take in the panoramic sea view, and calm his nerves before the ceremony. This photo captures all the reasons I fell in love with him. He is equal parts calm and introspective, wild and outgoing. Everything he chooses to do in life must have meaning. We are a match because I’ve never met anyone else who can slip into their comfort zone at a 5 star Caribbean Hotel and be as relaxed in an unrated beach hut in Thailand. That’s our love.

Deciding what he would wear to our wedding was easy. Tommy Bahama. The Tommy Bahama Wedding Collection is perfect…. they have pants with pleats… or cargo pockets… shirts meant to be left un-tucked…
and sleeves meant to be rolled…
They also have a leather sandals, boat shoes, groomsmen clothing & gifts! Go here.

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