You can have ANY flower in your bouquet…

Did you know… just because you are getting married on a tropical island does not mean you have to stick to the usual tropical floral bouquet? Nope. You can have ANY flower in the world. How is this possible? Order in advance and your dream flowers will be shipped in. Or that’s the idea anyway… I broke all my own rules and planned my Destination Wedding for 120 people in October… aka Hurricane Season, and my huge order of Calla Lillies never arrived due to 2 hurricanes hitting the weeks prior to our event. Nevermind THAT story… check out these lovely bouquets from REAL SIMPLE. Supermarket flowers mixed, matched, and arranged to create a super chic and elegant look that would look perfect on any beach…

Who knew carnations could be so lovely? I think I am going to copy this style for a perfectly pink summertime office arrangement…

So cheerful…
Bundle your favorites, secure with floral tape, wrap with a custom ribbon from the ribbon factory and you’re done. Perfection!

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