Interview With A Pro – Kirk Elliot St. Lucia Photog

Kirk Elliott is one of St. Lucia’s finest photographers! He covers destination weddings and is happy to capture vacations too…

Laura: How many years have you been in the business?

Kirk: Since 1991, and I knew that I was onto something after shooting my first wedding when the bride confided in me after seeing her pictures,that she had been truly fearful of what to expect, having come all the way from England and never seeing my work before. In fact the couple, Jill and Jarrold were so pleased with my ability to capture the warmth and tenderness between them that they autographed one of their pictures especially for me. And I’ve never looked back since!
Laura: What did you do before becoming a wedding photographer?

Kirk: This one is funny. Before becoming a wedding photographer I studied at The University of the West Indies in Jamaica where I graduated with a double science major in Geology & Chemistry! Back then the Government of St. Lucia wanted to tap the steam in St. Lucia’s world famous drive-in volcano,The Sulphur Springs, to produce electricity. I trained to work on that project, came back home to discover that the project had been abandoned as too expensive, and worse, that there was no job for me. Having been passionate about photography ever since I was 12 when an uncle gave me a camera, I decided to have some fun, volunteered to shoot Jill & Jarrold’s wedding, had an absolute blast, and never bothered to look back!
Laura: That’s a great story! So I assume you are a native of St. Lucia?

Kirk: I was born in St.Lucia, but consider myself a native of the Caribbean because my Mom is from Antigua, my Dad is from Barbados, I studied in Jamaica, my wife is from Trinidad, and I’ve been to so many of the other islands in between!

Laura: Ahhh… a son of the Caribbean melting pot! Love it! What is the most popular wedding photo shoot location on the island?

Kirk: I’m not sure that there is an answer for this one as every place on the island is beautiful, especially if the ocean is in the background, since lush green foliage is everywhere to be seen. Sandals probably has the most weddings, however for me any location where I can see the sun setting off the ocean is absolutely perfect. I also find that the location takes secondary place to the energy between the photographer and the bride and groom. As a consequence I regularly create stunning wedding photography regardless of the weather and have been known to make couples wonder how I can get such beautiful pictures on really rainy days, especially when so many other photographers return with only ruined photos!

Laura: What is your favorite place to shoot on the island?

Kirk: Shucks…looks like I answered that above! I have no favourite place and the more difficult a location I often find it’s the more creative photos I produce. However if I were pressed to pick just one location I’d probably say Pigeon Island. It is a beautiful location with lots of photographic challenges, which always brings out the best in me.

Laura: This is my favorite question to ask photographers… what is the most unusual situation or experience you have found yourself in on a shoot?

Kirk: Ah, another easy one. Shortly after the US entered Iraq I shot a wedding for a young military couple. The groom told me that both he and his bride were going to be shipped off on duty shortly after returning home and so he wanted some special pictures with her to keep him warm at night. Jason, the groom, then asked if I’d return to the room after the wedding to shoot some nude “wedding photos” of himself and Jessica. So my wife and I met the couple in their room and proceeded into a most interesting boudoir session. I came away from that photo shoot very pleased with myself that a couple were so inspired by my professionalism and approach to photography that they felt comfortable inviting me into such a private realm of their lives.

Check Kirk’s portfolio HERE and HERE and contact him for any St. Lucia photography need!

2 Responses to “Interview With A Pro – Kirk Elliot St. Lucia Photog”

  1. Hawaii Honeymoon

    Love the pictures. The Carribean was one of my favorite places to visit when I was a kid. The island of Nassau was an amazing place to experience.

  2. Hawaii Wedding

    Wow! That’s certainly an interesting interview. šŸ™‚ I especially love the private boudoir Kirk shared with the couples. It was really something…

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