I’d Get Married Again If….

If I could go crazy and buy EVERYTHING from this site! Darlybird is an amazing find… everything is super cute, a bit kitch, a touch vintage, and a super fine value. This site is full of solutions! Check it out:

If you want the fun of decorating your own wedding but don’t want heavy/bulky items that will incur a hefty baggage fee, then you are in luck! These paper wonders weigh nothing and fold down to fit in any suitcase. These cutie-pie paper daisies can be hung from treetops and archways and are only $3.50! People – did you hear me? What other decoration could be as lovely at $3.50? I’m loving the turquoise to compliment the sea… Or maybe we should go Chartreuse to contrast?

Or perhaps sticking to traditional white would be smart?

Want to add a little color to the festivities? Try Darlybird‘s darling garlands… in butterflies or little flowers like these below:
Many clients have desired paper lanterns… so dreamy in the soft ocean breeze. They are hard to source and hard to depend on because they are paper and fragile – but these are only $6 to $10 – yes, you heard me right. Beauty can be cheap. And at that price, you can buy a few spares. They come in every color, but these are my faves:

And I can’t stop with decorations… because I love EVERYTHING on this site! What else would I buy? Ok – how about these darling earrings as gifts for bridesmaids? (Did I mention they are only $12 and VINTAGE?)
I am ordering these for myself tomorrow because fall deserves yellow:Another great choice for bridesmaids in classic colors:

One of the highlights of a Destination Wedding is sourcing and stocking the Goodie Bags. This one is priced right, reusable, and durable – best part – only $13! With its slippery sides, it would be great to tote along to the sand….


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