Planning Your Caribbean Wedding

Each year, more and more couples in the United States decide to take unconventional approaches in getting married. It’s not out of the ordinary to hear about a couple who tied-the-knot under water while SCUBA diving in the Caribbean, or to hear about a couple who took-the-plunge while on a hot air balloon ride drifting high above the city streets in Paris. So why do so many couples decide to make travel part of their wedding experience?

First of all, Americans love to travel. And what better way to enjoy a new exotic location than with 50 family members and close friends celebrating your big day. Incorporating travel into a wedding is really a great way to make that special day the memorable experience that you have long dreamed about. And besides, there may be no better way to encourage close family and friends to actually show up for your wedding than by having it on some exotic island in the Caribbean.

Second, your honeymoon is built-in to the wedding. Once the wedding ceremony ends, the fun part, your honeymoon, begins. No need to deal with messy travel arrangements and hassles after the ceremony; your honeymoon vacation is just a few steps away, literally! While a destination wedding can be more expensive than traditional wedding options, you can recoup some of the costs because you won’t have to go very far for your honeymoon. Of course, choosing the right wedding and honeymoon can be a challenge and should not be taken lightly.

When choosing a location for your destination wedding, you need to consider several things for your guests and yourself.

For your guests:
• Is the location fairly convenient for your guests to make it to? Budgets and other obligations can make it a challenge for many people to get away.
• Since they’re likely going to spend a few days there, is it somewhere that they’d be interested in vacationing at?
• Will your guests need passports and are you giving them enough time to get them?

And of course, considerations for yourself:
• Are you willing to accept that fewer guests will attend your wedding because of location?
• Is the location somewhere that you’d be interested in spending your honeymoon at?
• Can you afford the added costs?

For many Americans, the Caribbean, and more specifically, the Dominican Republic has become popular for weddings. Many islands in the Caribbean are exotic, easily accessible and ideal for honeymoons. In fact, the Caribbean ranks as one of the top honeymoon destinations along with Las Vegas, Jamaica and Hawaii. Since many resorts offer various Caribbean wedding packages, there are several choices options to choose from.

Planning your wedding in an exotic location may take a little more work but the rewards will make it worthwhile. You’ll be glad you when the day comes that you’re celebrating your wedding in paradise.

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