Punta Cana Beach Weddings!

A wedding on the beach—barefoot, clothes fluttering to a playful ocean wind—the sun casually slips below the horizon of a brilliant Caribbean scene. Choosing Punta Cana as the site of your ceremony is similar to infusing what is often considered “the happiest day of your life” with everything vacation memories are made of. It is a source of the most picturesque, unspoiled beaches and neighbor to 16th century colonial towns. A wedding at Oceanside Dominican Republic is where those daydream fantasies become tangible.

Your wedding is how you make it and can be one constructed solely by you, from the tablecloth fringe up, or can be one co-inspired by a specialist. The benefit of coordinating your wedding with your honeymoon is the availability of in-house wedding planners. Many resorts, even the smaller villas, have a staff of ceremony organizers—seasoned professionals—that will orchestrate a wedding as subtle or as elaborate as you desire.

The Preparation

Resorts will typically option a number of their facilities as a ceremony site. At Melia Caribe Tropical, a beautiful gazebo is an option as well as a series of lavish banquet halls. Where ever the wedding is to take place, it is guaranteed that the staff photographer is familiar with the location and can provide you with the most complimenting portraits.

Resorts in Punta Cana like to offer wedding packages, differing from location to location but sharing an array of ceremony-necessities including the judge, license, music, flowers, cake, and a number of gifts littering your honeymoon suite. Planning often spans far beyond these basic elements and is recognized in Punta Cana by an abundance of wedding specialists. Unlike their State-side counterparts, the specialists of the Dominican Republic are practical in price and provide exceptional services for what they charge.

Many hotels will prefer that you plan your ceremony with the, at least 3 months in advance. This allows leeway anticipating your conflicting needs and accommodating them. It is also in response to the long line of judge requests and the number of weddings the resorts cater each year. In some special cases, they may even require 6 months of preparation to accommodate you.

The Wedding Day

Having your ceremony at the site of your honeymoon also allows you to plan your wedding day around the location. Begin your morning late with Oceanside brunch and then retire to a spa for massage and lounging. And say your hotel does not offer these facilities, they can arrange for them to visit to your room.

Planning that wedding by the sea is what commercials and romantic comedies are made of and however out of reach they may seem, they become reality in Punta Cana.

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