Happy Endings – Don’t Skip a Honeymoon!

Many Destination Couples put all their effort into planning a fabulous event for their wedding and often overlook the honeymoon. Or some feel that after paying for a Destination Wedding, there simply isn’t room in the budget for a honeymoon. I am a lover of romance and a true believer in the importance of a honeymoon. Most traditional wedding couples take a honeymoon so why shouldn’t Destination Couples? Let’s compare for a minute. Yes, a traditional wedding is stressful and requires almost as much planning, but usually the bride and groom are only hosts for the actual wedding ceremony and reception and perhaps a rehearsal dinner. With a DW, we play host to guests for the length of their stay – 3, 4, or even 7 nights. This can be exhausting and all the more reason to carve out some one-on-one time before heading back to domestic bliss as man and wife. Sometimes my clients want to honeymoon at the same resort as their wedding. I sway them away because usually there will be wedding guests still on property for a few days. Moving to an entirely new resort is recommended and a new island is even better! A few airlines make this possible… Air Jamaica offers flights between the islands, as does Liat, and a few smaller airlines fly between Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. If you can’t tack your honeymoon on to your Destination Wedding travel, waiting a week or two is okay too. The purpose of a honeymoon is solidly important – to spend quality time together before being faced with the changes marriage brings! We waited 2 weeks after our Jamaica Wedding to head to Thailand for 10 days… Picture was taken at the Suan Lum Night Market in Bangkok.

4 Responses to “Happy Endings – Don’t Skip a Honeymoon!”

  1. Romantic Wedding

    Interesting thoughts. I also think that a destination wedding may take a bit of planning, may prove to be less stressful in the end.

  2. Laura

    Hi Miss Purple – Thanks for the note! From Punta Cana, most flights are routed back through Miami which can make for a long travel day. Because of Dom. Rep.’s large size, I suggest going to another part of the island for more adventure! The Puerto Plata area of the North Coast has seen recent growth so there are many hotels that are shiny and new – perfect for a honeymoon! Or perhaps go South and stay on one of the beaches near Santo Domingo… taking a day trip into the capital. Being a Spanish Colonial city, Santo Domingo is VERY romantic! Let me know if I may assist!Cheers,Laura

  3. miss purple

    Thanks so much for putting this into perspective. It couldn’t have come at a better time… I am trying to decide what to do for our honeymoon (the fiance says he’s happy either way–so helpful) and while my original idea was to go to a different island, lately I’ve started thinking of staying at our resort a second week and spending more time with the people who aren’t leaving until a three days after our own 7th night there. But I think you’re probably right… playing host for an entire week is going to be exhausting. I never thought of it that way before. Thanks!!(Any tips on a great honeymoon spot to fly to from Punta Cana?)

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