Unbiased Destination Wedding Tips!

With Destination Weddings rising in popularity, it is nice to see more people sharing their personal experiences and wedding photos online by blogging or on social networking sites. As a travel agent, I always provide client references to all my potential brides. While this has worked out well, as a Destination Bride myself, I know the value of unbiased information. Even though Destination Weddings are often much simpler than planning a local event, they do entail a unique group of issues that only professionals or other Destination Brides will be able to inform you about. There is plenty of professional information online these days, and plenty of sources for random tidbits of knowledge but a comprehensive source of unbiased and truthful information is still a rare gem. I found a great source that I would like to share with you – The Ultimate Destination Wedding Blog! This blog is a labor of love by a couple who planned their own Destination Wedding all the while wishing there was a site such as theirs to aid them. Their site covers the 1,2,3’s of DW planning as well as many precautions only a Destination Bride would know to share with you! Enjoy!

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  1. Teal

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