Destination Wedding Budgets

I was working with a client today who was faced with an ever too-present dilemma. She is looking to get married in early December, a popular time in the Caribbean because it is post-hurricane season and pre-holiday rates. It was very important that we lock in her date & time quickly. However, as all of us in the Caribbean travel industry have experienced, obtaining information on pricing for weddings and other events can be a lengthy process. The islands of the Caribbean face challenges of power outages and slow internet service. Not to mention the omni-present “island time” work ethic. (In my book, there is nothing wrong with “island time”… I would love to trade in my stressful 9 to 5 job for a position in a breezy, beautiful beachfront hotel!) We received rates for the basic wedding package and reception menus and decided to go ahead and lock in her date, essentially moving forward without full disclosure of all the fees involved. Are there more fees to come? Yes. As Destination Weddings grow in popularity, they seem to come with more and more last-minute expenses. The popularity of this industry has spurred a growth in the amount of amenities available to brides… if you can dream it, there is a hotel that can do it! With this said, oftentimes after your initial deposit is paid, you will be tempted with other features, services, and amenities to add-on at a later date. If you are dealing with a hotel that is having difficulties providing you with a consolidated list of what they offer, put together your own checklist of items and present it to them. Perhaps they will be able to fill in the blanks with more swiftness than locating documents to be forwarded…

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