Check your Marriage License!

About 6 weeks after I arrived home from my Destination Wedding, I started diligently checking the mailbox for my Marriage License. Some islands will give you your copies before you depart the island – but not Jamaica. In Jamaica, they promise you will receive it within 6 weeks. At 8 weeks I called the Rockhouse’s Wedding Planner and informed them of the missing license. They promised to inquire with the Minister. Apparently, everything was fine, he was simply behind schedule and I should receive the license very soon. At 3 months post-ceremony it arrived. I was overjoyed as now it felt official! I set out on the grueling task of changing my name… only to notice (luckily before sending any copies off) that my age was incorrect! My beloved Marriage License had me at 6 years older than I really was. I called my wedding planner and informed her then I grudgingly went to the Post Office and sent the license back to Jamaica. Long story short… I finally received an accurate license 6 months after my wedding.

Tip: After tearfully saying our vows and blissfully walking back down the aisle, my husband and I were directed to sign the license immediately. While this is commonplace even in many US weddings, in the Caribbean it is mandatory to sign the license immediantly following your ceremony. Had I of known, I would have most certainly assigned someone sober to the task of “Marriage License Duty”. I say sober, because my husband and I were high as kites from the emotion of it all and neither of us could see straight, much less scan the document we were signing for errors.

2 Responses to “Check your Marriage License!”

  1. Anonymous

    Once back state-side, do you need to register the Jamaican wedding license with your Register of Deeds or anyone?

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