Who says it is too early to pack?

I have no choice but to start packing now, because we are bringing so much with us. “So much” being table decorations, candles, goodie bags – and many things to fill them, tons of clothes, etc.

I don’t think I have mentioned my gift bags yet… and oh what fun they have been. We are really thrilled that so many people have decided to come and share our wedding weekend with us. We are putting together a gift bag for each person as a small token of our appreciation.

After scouring the internet and local boutiques, I decided on:

  • Bottle of Jamaican Rum
  • Jamaica-made island scented candle
  • A small photo album adorned with sea shells
  • Hand fans made of palm fronds
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Jar of Mango Chutney
  • Lollipops & Beach Toys for the kids

A client of mine, Michelle, had the cutest idea. She had customized beachtowels made for each of her guests. The towel was embroidered with a picture of a bride and groom and the words “We Did It On The Beach” and then the date of her Aruba wedding. Adorable!

Tip: You have to be careful if you decide to send your favors to the island ahead of your arrival. Depending on the item quantity, your package could get delayed in customs and miss the wedding altogether. Many islands charge a duty on large quantities of the same item being brought in. I have had clients that had to pay a duty on the 50 custom labeled beer cozies they were traveling with. Aside from the monetary hassle, this really isn’t a problem if you are traveling with the items. It is when you send them via mail that it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

If the bags are a hit, I am thinking of taking the Destination Beach Wedding Favors idea mainstream and starting another small business because I certainly spent way too much time trying to find the perfect beach themed items for my guests.

I am also bringing seashells and candles for the reception tables. Yes, rather than spend my pre-wedding days walking the beach with my eyes glued to the sand collecting seashells, I decided to bring some from a great sea shell shop near my office in South Florida.

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