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I think I can say that the most helpful wedding planning tool I have taken advantage of so far is a wedding website. I had a friend do mine… But there are many great companies out there that offer great rates for wedding website design and I have listed some on the links section.

I have found my wedding website so useful because it can help field questions from our guests.(Fielding questions from 120 guests can turn any bride into a bridezilla.) I have the website address printed on every correspondence I send to my guests. The response from my guests has been great. They love having all the info at their fingertips. I have listed information on Jamaica, the Rockhouse, the Wedding & Reception, and an itinerary. This brings up another point… We are financially challenged in the sense that we can not afford to pay for every meal and every activity our guests will enjoy while in Jamaica. Therefore, we created a simple itinerary of what the two of us will be doing and have left the invitation open for our guests to join us. Hopefully, this will make it clear exactly what we are paying for and take the pressure off of our guests by letting them know that they are free to do what they please while in Jamaica but may join us if they like. We are hoping our guests will get out and explore all that Jamaica has to offer. Oh and we also listed local area activities on our website as well.

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