"Guestimation" at its finest

As a travel agent, I guess I can say I have inside knowledge into “guestimating” the guests on our guest list that will actually make it to the wedding. As a travel agent, I have heard every reason in the book for needing to cancel a vacation and I know which guests are likely targets for what reasons. So after hours and hours, and martini after martini, my darling fiance and I have decided that we need to expect to pay for 110 guests. That is 102 people we KNOW for sure will come and 8 that have lifestyles allowing them to decide to come at the very last minute…

Tip: The planning is really kicking into high gear now and I am forcing myself to do double duty Yoga classes to stay calm. And when I can’t make it to class, I just breathe and pray… but do whatever you can do to find peace. It really helps.

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