The Dress

(UPDATE!! Here is the dress! And there are a few more photos in the right hand menu of this blog…)

I have been really busy with out-of-town company. A few of my girlfriends from Arizona and my cousins came to visit to help me do some wedding shopping. Not that I needed help in the shopping department, but rather because I needed an audience for my wedding dress shopping extravaganza. What an adventure it turned out to be! Would you believe that we had the most difficult time finding ANY beach worthy wedding dress options in Miami? The weather here is very similar to Jamaica, and other Destination Wedding locations and yet none of the bridal boutiques we visited had anything that qualified. All were either too poofy, too polyester, too long of a train, etc. 

After I had been stuffed, buttoned, and zipped, into about 50 “not perfect” gowns, I was feeling a panic attack coming on and just wanted to take my mind off the search for a while. So the girls and I changed directions and went on the hunt for other pieces that would make up my wedding wardrobe. We landed at Loehmann’s and I scored a few off-the-rack designer duds at great prices. Just for kicks, I wandered into the formal gown section…. low and behold, there it was! Floor-length, matte ivory silk, spaghetti straps, fitted bodice, and two “flowey” layers with scalloped edges…. perfect. I put it on and it fit me like it was custom made just for my body! I don’t even think it will need to be altered unless I lose more lbs than I intend to on my pre-wedding diet.  I think I can get away with a thorough dry clean and that’s it! And, it’s less expensive than any other formal gowns I own. How did that happen? 

Now, what is HE going to wear? HE wants to wear swim trunks… I joke that his desire to do so is a protection of sorts in case he decides to dive off the cliffs in the middle of our vows. However, one trip to Tommy Bahama and he will be done. (***UPDATE!!! See what he wore here!)

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