The Numbers

Our response from the Save the Date has been exactly what we expected. Everyone that we thought would be able to make the trip is predicting they will be able to. Now that never happens! So far, things have been running too smooth for my comfort level. I know for all the weddings I have helped with that disaster can strike at any given moment so I won’t let me guard down yet.

Another recent decision of ours is not to have a wedding party. We have far to many friends and family members that are important to us, to pick just a few. Plus, the area of the hotel where we will be exchanging vows is very small… and no more than a few people will fit. We plan on having children attendants, two flower girls and a ring bearer. (I researched and found out that in Victorian days, it was customary to only have children attendants. It was only in the latest centuries, when the number of people with hired help diminished, did brides begin to recruit bridesmaids for help. I really don’t need any help since this is an area of my professional expertise…)

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