More on Port Antonio

I am now very confident that I earned every penny from each Destination Wedding I have “handled”. (I say handled, because I am not a wedding planner – although my rolodex would likely top anyone claiming to be a Caribbean Wedding Planner. Nonetheless, I am more interested in connecting my brides directly with the on-island vendors and allowing my company to focus on arranging all the guests travel and activities.) Wedding planning is a huge process…

My research on Port Antonio has not returned the results I was seeking. The restaurant at the Blue Lagoon is closed and the facilities are off-limits to visitors. So staying at their villas is not an option. Goblin Hill, albeit lovely, is not seafront which would require too much demand in terms of transportation. (Our guest list is close to 200.) And Trident is a bit out of our budget. We understand that Port Antonio will require expenses other areas on the island would not, simply because of its remote location. We would have to “build” the entire ceremony and reception. This is a cost we don’t mind, the location is worth it! But then there are the children. With anywhere from 10-12 young children in attendance, I need a location that at least offers one hotel with a kid’s club to satisfy the parents of these young children. I am not having much luck. This has been an upsetting discovery because our hearts were set on Port Antonio.

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