Seeking A Private Piece of Paradise

The big question – WHERE? We have decided on Jamaica – but must find the location. I love Jamaica for its rich colors, textures, and flavors. The mix of colonial history, world discovery, and hip urban culture can be intoxicating. I trust that Jamaica will take great care of my needs and those of my wedding guests. Jamaica is well established in the tourism industry as she has been welcoming visitors to her shores since the first banana boats allowed passengers along for the ride.

My accommodation of choice when visiting Jamaica is a villa, and Jamaica is home to many. Only a villa represents the bygone era when luxury was associated with the simple elegance of four poster beds, fine china and linens, not neon glitz and glam. So that is where I started. I knew I wanted a villa and I thought I knew where. In 2001, I was blessed to visit the island’s best kept secret, Port Antonio. Home to Earl Flynn and likely inspiration for many of his writings, Port Antonio exhibits the true flavor of Jamaica. This lure is what brought many Hollywood celestials to the area in a more romantic time. Back to 2005. But what place is perfect for us? I am looking at the Blue Lagoon Villas, Goblin Hill, and Trident Castle. I will let you know what I find out.

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